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"And always there is South Africa, rich and alive"

"Arianna Dagnino’s latest work, The Afrikaner (Guernica, Toronto), is a splendid, multi-layered novel that offers up an examination of the tensions associated with a nation (South Africa) struggling to find its way in a post-colonial world. That investigation takes place in the context of sometimes love story, sometimes psychological introspection that gives us Zoe, a complicated, engaging, and at times frustrating character who will find her way off the pages and into the minds and hearts of readers.

And always there is South Africa, rich and alive, as Zoe the palaeontologist, haunted by recent and ancient tragedy and the pain of cultural guilt, searches for answers, only some of which are embedded in the African sands and soils.

A handful of editing miscues do not detract from either the excellence of the book or the satisfaction of experiencing it." David A. Poulsen, The Cullen and Cobb Mysteries

Arianna Dagnino, The Afrikaner. A post-apartheid novel (Guernica, Toronto). Now also in audiobook format:

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