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"Seaborn Eyes" - A reading in Vancouver

A big thank you to Anna Foschi for having organized a beautiful reunion of Italian Canadian authors and having made it possible to hear their distinct and varied voices through their readings. The event was held on June 9, 2022 at the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver; part of the "Books & Biscotti" literary series, it was included in the celebrations for the Italian Heritage Month in British Columbia.

I read from my collection of poems Seaborn Eyes (Ekstasis, Victoria, BC).

"Arianna Dagnino sets off to sea with a mighty and delicate roar, invocating freedom as she heads straight into those turbulent winds and crashing waves, which are inevitable when you sail against the current. In her journey along these seascaped horizons, she draws you in with her lyrical and vivid poetry, painting a picture of the beauty of life and the simple perfection of nature. This is the kind of poetry I love and Arianna Dagnino delivers." ~ Mark Lipman

poet, editor, Vagabond Books

I would like to acknowledge the financial assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts through The Writers' Union of Canada.

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