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We are all born in the confined sea of our mother’s womb. but once we realize we belong to the infinite ocean of life, we act like selkies drawn to those wider horizons. The poems of this collection can be read in many ways, depending on your “seaborn eyes.” They are deeply private messages from the inside person we wish someone else could know; fleeting reports of universal longings that people can use as they like, like good song lyrics – both urgent and wistful. To a more basic level, they are chronically hopeful odes written by someone who is missing who she used to be.

"Arianna Dagnino sets off to sea with a mighty roar, invocating freedom as she heads straight into turbulent winds and crashing waves. She draws you in with her lyrical and vivid poetry, painting a picture of the beauty of life and the simple perfection of nature. This is the kind of poetry I love and Arianna Dagnino delivers."

~ Mark Lipman, poet, editor, Vagabond Books

"The sea speaks to us as the sorceress “drowns within herself.” Emotions and sensory impressions silence the train of thoughts. Only a few lines remain – written on the waves. This is pure contemporary poetry."

~ Paolo Gambi, founder of Poetry Renaissance

"These precise and under-stated poems in Seaborn Eyes have a universal allure that is irresistible. As poignant as messages in the sand."

~ Alan Twigg, BC Bookworld

I drank the salty seas Arianna Dagnino had travelled, and marvelled at how she found sweetness where bitterness reigns, light where no light shines.

~ Antonio D’Alfonso, writer and poet

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