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Coming out of darkness

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

I had the great privilege to be interviewed by journalist Renato Zane along with voice actor Dennis Kleinman, who brought to life in audiobook format my novel "The Afrikaner" #books#reading#author#writing

Renato gave a beautiful introduction and overview of the book. In the interview Dennis and I talked about our collaboration, the coming together of the novel and its genesis as an audiobook.

This is what Dennis had to say about the book: "The Afrikaner transports the listener to another region of the world, in another timeframe where a nation was coming out of darkness, and how the characters that lived through the changes, experienced their lives in this time of rebirth. My South African origin and areas of study put me in a unique position to interpret and transform the written word into the spoken word, and all I hope is that I did the literature proud in my delivery and audio presentation of this exceptional work - but that will be up to you who listen to the book to decide."

Listen to the interview here:

You can find the audiobook here:

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