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What does South Africa have to do with Canada?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Join Arianna Dagnino and Stefano Gulmanelli for a lively discussion that will touch upon intercultural relations, multiculturalism in Canada and South Africa, and the relationship between science and magic seen through the eyes of an Italian writer and an Italian scholar.

Thursday, APRIL 29, 4.30 pm (PST)

This online event (via Zoom) is organized by the Dante Society of Ottawa.

Link to the Zoom meeting:

Dr. Arianna Dagnino is the author of the post-apartheid novel "The Afrikaner" (Guernica Eds., Toronto, now also in audiobook), the tale of a female scientist in search for fossils and for herself in the hot plains of the Kalahari Desert.

Dr. Stefano Gulmanelli worked along with Arianna in post-apartheid South Africa as an international reporter and currently teaches Sociology of Identity & Sociology of Migration at the University of British Columbia.

The Afrikaner in audiobook.

Listen to an excerpt here.

For more info click here

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